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Vintage I had been there for a long time, as well as the enthusiasm. It was just a matter of finding the right moment. But where's a will, there's a way (they say in Flemish).  After much thinking and deliberation, we: Patrick, Bernard (Patrick's youngest son) & his partner Maarten have decided to go for the adventure. A trip of a lifetime. Sailing to the other side of the world. We'll be underway exploring for 18 months. With the goal to explore French Polynesia.

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The story of Vintage I

How she came to be

She is the result of a 5 year effort to create a ocean going sailing yacht that will stand the test of time, technical and esthetically. The hull form is etched on the work of the unsurpassed yacht designer Nathan Herreshoff. It is our belief that a ship should be build to last a 100 years. Reason we choose not only a classic looking hull form, but also tried to use only materials and components that will last and are easy to service. The underwater body is up to date, with a high tech bulb keel, large balanced spade rudder and low whetted surface area.

All ship design was done in great detail by Mr. Julius Strawinsky of Gdansk, Poland. The building material, aluminium, was chosen for its seaworthiness and flexibility in one off construction. Electronics have been used only where necessary for safety or comfort. In our philosophy, A ship should be able to stay at sea, without any help from outside, for prolonged periods of time. She should be serviceable by a small on board crew. "Vintage I" was designed to be safely at sea in comfort and style during at least one month, with a full charter complement of 6 guests and 3 crew.

Her proud standing main "engine", which is the 33 m tall mast and boom, is build of carbon fiber. The standing rigging is discontinuous rod. The running rigging is spectra. The sails are high tech high modulus spectra/carbon. The on the wind surface area is 380 m² for a boat that weights 43 tons only. The ballast is 8 tons lead. This makes her fast and light footed.

Her deck hardware consist of 11 winches, whereof 5 electric push button winches. Propulsion diesel engine is a sturdy and reliable 230 Hp. A generator and a 130l/h water maker insure comfort and safety. The interior is light weight and a modern design. There are 3 guest cabins with ensuite bathrooms. The kitchen is large and fully equipped to make for quality cooking. There are separate crew quarters for 3.

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